Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hotel Adèle & Jules in Paris, a real love at first sight!

This boutique hotel has been a real love at first sight! We have never enjoyed our stay as much. Located in the city center but at the same time hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s a concealed place I’d almost rather not talk about so it doesn’t get too popular too quickly :)

Not very obvious to find, its location is a great advantage. Just a few steps from the Grand Boulevards, Hôtel Adèle & Jules is located in a small quiet private street you probably wouldn’t enter when just passing by. We actually missed a turn when heading there. Once you arrive, you find out that Adèle & Jules are actually two separate buildings, with identical beautiful interior and room organisation.

We’ve stayed in Adèle, in a room with a window overlooking the calm street, and fell in love the moment we entered. On the ground floor, there is a very cosy place to enjoy breakfast, have a glass of wine during the honesty hour or just chill. It has been for the first time that I’ve actually wished to stay in the hotel and read a book in the lobby instead of going around the city or simply staying in the room. The window ceiling with the natural light makes you simply want to stay there forever. I’ll go there for breakfast soon again!

When we came in the room, not only we loved the interior. There was a beautiful handwritten card waiting for us, next to a box of Angelina chocolates! What a nice attention! And this is not all - people behind this hotel are putting a lot of efforts in details. Everything seems to have its place, a well chosen one.

Not only they pay attention to details. Even their bathroom is so nice you want to have the same at your home. We were treated to Fragonard toiletries, enjoyed super soft bathrobes and perfectly sized slippers (which is quite rare for girls!).

Oh, and not to forget - they have a well equipped gym in the basement! I only wanted to have a look at it but my Mr Handsome seriously planned on exercising in the morning. Yeah, why not. I finally went with him to exercise before breakfast and I felt great (and proud, haha) for the rest of the day!

It goes without saying that we felt so much at home that we didn’t want to leave - and have been dreaming of going back for a night ever since.

More info: Hotel Adèle & Jules
Address: 2 & 4 bis Cité Rougemont, Paris, France
Webpage: http://www.hoteladelejules.com/

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