Monday, September 12, 2016

Romantic traditional Slovenian restaurant close to Bled

If you've ever googled Slovenia, you've come across the photos of a beautiful small island in the middle of the lake with the stunning Alps in the background and the castle on a cliff, overlooking this beauty. This romantic place is called Bled. It is a must for anyone who visits Slovenia. Some people even prioritize Bled to Ljubljana, so special this place is. You can read more about here, but now I'd rather tell you about this amazing restaurant just a few kilometers away from this place, which makes it a perfect place for lunch or dinner on the way to or from Bled.

Indulging in delicious food at Lectar is an experience that is not to be missed. Put in a traditional Slovenian family house, it makes it a special environment for lunch or dinner, offering a special interior of a traditional Slovenian house from the region, with the stunning view over the Alps in the background, surrounded by the nature.

Before you even have a look at the menu, you realize that this restaurant doesn't only offer traditional Slovenian dishes but also a special environment that unveils to you the way Slovenian people lived their every day lives. The decoration in the restaurant makes this so beautifully and subtly it is almost hard to spot all the details they put attention to. It goes from the table decoration to the old skis that are hung up on the walls. Their pots, kitchen materials and all the little objects give a romantic atmosphere to this restaurant with a lot of tradition.

The choice of food is very rich and goes from the traditional Slovenian dishes to more "ordinary" choices. Apart from good food, a wide selection of premium Slovenian wines offers you a perfect opportunity to try some of those yourself. We started with some delicious mash room and pumpkin soups and then tried a variety of Slovenian typical dishes. We chose meat and fish dishes, blended with hard-boiled buckwheat flour mush (žganci), sauerkraut and delicious rolled dumplings (štruklji), my favorite.

A plus to this great place? Their beautiful Gingerbread Museum! This restaurant has a functioning workshop where products of an old Slovenian craft called »lectarija« are produced. The workshop also functions as a Gingerbread Museum, where visitors can see the process of lect making in person. It is an old tradition that started with a honey-bread bakery and a chandlery in 1766. This is also how the restaurant got its name, Lectar, and the house its symbol – a left heart. The girls in the museum told us a lot of interesting stories related to this tradition and we left with some ginger hearts that will make a beautiful decoration in our apartment.

Address: Linhartov trg 2, 4240 Radovljica
Webpage: http://www.lectar.com/

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